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Our Team.

Our team is purposefully small and building slowly as we are very protective of our space and philosophy. Guilt, shame and punishment have no business here, nor do the typical tendencies of a gym with a "no pain, no gain" attitude. Instead, we are a supportive, nurturing environment with the aim to meet each client exactly where they are. Our hope is to cultivate a community based on empowerment and we are pleased our like-minded team does just that<3


Gerard Friedman

Gerard Friedman, MS, ATC, NBC-HWC is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach with expertise in fitness and rehabilitation. 


Gerard helps people cultivate health and well-being through exercise, breathwork, and focused intention. His goal is to help people move pain-free and establish habits and perspectives that align with their goals.


Marlene Ricketts

Marlene Ricketts has been a noteworthy Personal Trainer in the Fitness community for over seven years.


She has spent her career spearheading campaigns that provide holistic group classes and personal training for women.


These efforts have provided workshops, fundraisers, and a strong community of women that break limitations of conventional gym methods. Additionally, Marlene has four years of experience as a Track & Field Athlete at Penn State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation and Human Services.


She has used her experience as an athlete to lead athletic performance programs for youth teams in both Track & Field and Basketball. She is passionate about introducing practical resistance training programs and sport specific programs for the youth and young adults.


Kiley Madigan

After a birth injury, Kiley found her movement therapy in dance. Finding joy and empowerment in movement, she was able to push past her physical restrictions.


Over the years, her passion developed into learning how the body grows, reacts, and adapts to the stimulus of exercise and training.


Upon earning her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Dance at the University of Alabama, Kiley moved to NYC to take up a career of movement - throwing herself into the fitness industry and performing arts communities.


Certified in Personal Training, Group Exercise Instruction, and Exercise Physiology, Kiley is adaptable in her means to get you the results you deserve.

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